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40 Days + 40 Nights

First of all, WELCOME to my new little space in the world. The reason why my posts stopped was because I got this sudden urge to hurry the process from Blogger to WordPress along and in the mean time skipped on making sure my posts were going through. Shame on me I know. Well take a look around and let me know what you think. Also, please note this is a work in progress. I am not coder so it will be a learn as I go adventure. Okay no back to the regularly scheduled post.

No this post is not in reference to the movie, although I will say I am sad Josh Hartnett kind of disappeared. I had a serious crush on that guy in middle school. Anyways, this is about what I am giving up and also adding to my life for Lent. I have participated in Lent before, but it has always been in a more selfish manner. Examples, no chocolate, no cursing, no alcohol…that type of thing. Well this year I decided that I wanted to give up something that has created some self doubt in my life and add in some quality time with the big man upstairs.



I am not going to go into my full blown reasons for this decision or talk about faith right now for a few reasons but the most being I am just not ready. So for now I will tell you what I am giving up and adding.

Starting on Wednesday, February 18th, I will no longer be reading blogs or watching YouTubers. This is not to discourage any of you from this and probably seems hypocritical coming from a blogger. Well you see I am having trouble not focusing on how much better other bloggers are in comparison to myself. I need some time to reflect on myself and my life and realize my journey is unique and amazing in it’s own right. This will free up at least 30 minutes if not an hour a day of free time. In that free time I plan to add bible studying. I have already purchased my books and am excited to see where this journey takes me.

Bible Studyvia

Do you celebrate Lent? Even if you aren’t Catholic, because I am not. If you do, tell me what you are giving up this year or adding as well!