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Shopping Hiatus

I have big plans for this year, the biggest being my trip to Scotland (fingers crossed) and so with the new year came my new mentality on shopping…if I don’t need it I don’t buy it.  This won’t last the whole year because honestly if you can last a year without shopping for clothes well you are far stronger than I am. Anyways my point is my obsession with continuously browsing store online has led me to crave SO MANY NEW THINGS.
If you viewed my shopping carts you would laugh…I mean we are talking 10+ shops filled with clothes I wish I could buy but alas I want to visit Europe more than have a few more items in my closet. I have already shared my wanderlust passion and my desire to travel more with you. So for now I will share with you my current wants but NOT needs.

Frequently Fancying

Shoes: Nude Pumps | Burgundy LoafersWhite Tennies | Black Booties
Jewelry: Double Ring | Love Ring | Nail Bracelet | Statement Necklace | Gold Watch
Accessories: Scarf | Clutch | Over the Shoulder

Apparently I am loving every type of pant/skirt/denim Gap is putting out right now! Also can we PLEASE talk about that blush color purse from Kate Spade. My friend Christine sent me the link a few days ago and I was instantly in love…with handbags it doesn’t take much but that color is just SPOT ON.

Sunday Holiday

This Sunday is a pretty special day folks. Any ideas what it could be??
It is my birthday! I am still in the stage where I love to celebrate turning another year older and hopefully wiser. Get back to me on my 30th I may have changed my mind about that, but until then I celebrate and let my friends everyone know my birthday is on the horizon.
Below are just a few items on my current wish list. Now I have potential wish list and never gonna happen wish lists. Most of the items fall on the later but a girl can dream right?

Birthday Wish List
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
I mean can we please just talk about that Cobalt blue midi skirt from ASOS…I swoon.
What are you wishing after for your birthday or the upcoming Holidays?