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Weekend In Review

This weekend my parents were in town for a visit. When they come in, the weekend usually involves food, shopping, movies and laughs. This visit was no different.
They arrived Friday evening and after getting settled we set out for dinner. I have a new obsession with this place called Bad Daddy’s. They have this burger it’s called The Frenchie. It is a turkey burger, with brie cheese, applewood smoked bacon, sliced apples and garlic mayo. I get it without the mayo but oh my it is super delicious. After dinner we came back to my apartment, chatted for a bit and then went to bed.
Saturday was just an easy day. We slept in, I made French toast for everyone and then we got ready for the day. We went shopping, where I helped my dad pick out new tennis shoes and Teresa a new pair of skinny jeans. Then I took them to World Market, basically the best place ever. Have you ever been? If not, please promise you will go, it has so many unique and fun things. Teresa and I picked up a few things.

This tray and those trinkets together are going to help build my new bedroom. I have wanted to redesign my bedroom for awhile and I have this issue where when I want something done I want it then and there not in a few months or a year, but RIGHT THEN. I realize that isn’t going to happen so instead I am embracing the piece by piece method. I am going to start collecting new items for my room and switching them out until I have a completed oasis.
After shopping we watched Crazy, Stupid, Love (who doesn’t want to see Ryan Gosling shirtless) and then headed to dinner at Luisa’s Brickoven Pizza. It was super delicious and I literally cleaned my plate. We went back home, watch some of the Olympics and then went to bed.
Sunday was quick, up and ready and off to brunch at 5Church. They seriously have the best omelets. After brunch we headed back and they left on their four hour trip home. I spent my afternoon with Thomas and Katy playing disc golf, where I accidentally got hit in the face and after a few tears I laughed it off. My weekend was a good mixture of food, fun and laughter. So lucky to have such awesome friends and family.  

Weekend Review

So this weekend was simple, laid back and filled with so many laughs. I am pretty sure I could relive this past weekend over the next year and be a happy camper.

Friday was low-key and exactly what I needed after a crazy work week. I grabbed dinner at Burger & Company with Lynae and Jen. It was good but I hadn’t eaten all day so anything in that moment would have tasted delicious.


Afterward we met with a few more friends at Unknown, a local brewery, to grab a beer or two and just relax….no one was in a go out and get crazy mood…which is rare to find us all wanting to NOT go out…..are we getting old?
The boys decided that it was time for them to bring back their Poker Night so we girls decided to try our hand at painting. Now this might sound fairly simple but add in wine and some friends and let me tell you the laughs were endless.

 We tried out Pinot’s Palette – South End and we had so much fun we are already planning to do it again soon. They give you aprons, write name in front of your station and provide you with an awesome instructor who is part funny part AWESOME (I wanted to trade my picture for his).



I will say my painting lacking in comparison to some of the other ladies had zero to do with the two four glasses of wine I had while painting.  Who am I am kidding it had everything to do with but boy did we all laugh, drink, eat and laugh some more. Katie even got a little serious at the end and went all Van Gogh on us….see what I did there? Van Gogh…we painted a Van Gogh….get it? I know I am hilarious! Ha

So I figured after an evening of wine what better way to start of a Sunday than hiking? You thought I was going to say Brunch didn’t you? Don’t worry it crossed my mind but hiking was a better/healthier option.


We headed to Crowder Mountain, climbed to the top, took it all in and then left happy with our Sunday afternoon decision. We followed it by grilling out inside, with one of my favorite kitchen items and hanging out with friends.

It was a successful weekend for me and I hope it was for you all too.

Welcome the Weekend

This weekend will be a crazy one for me, but fun none the less. Babysitting this evening and a friend coming into to town tonight. We are hitting up flywheel early (too early I’m currently thinking) tomorrow morning for a good sweat sesh! Then home to make my Baked French Toast and get ready for brunch and White Elephant. Afterwards we head to Santa Con (pictures should be good) and after that I think Sunday I shall rest!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Whirlwind Weekend

I really do feel like sometimes I blink and my weekend is gone. Do you ever feel like that? I had zero plans as of 6:30 pm (when I left work on Friday) but don’t fret I found some. Something to know about me is I dislike loathe doing nothing most of the time. I start my weekend saying. “I’m just going to relax this weekend and not do anything.” Then around 8 or 9 on Friday I am itching to do something.
This weekend was no different. It involved Bad Grandpa, Common Market (running into old flames), hair appointment, getting my friends ready for Halloween, house party, All American Pub, some DVR, Disc Golf and Hocus Pocus (SJP pre Carrie Bradshaw).
I am not one to turn down a movie invitation so after a failed first attempt to see Bad Grandpa, we finally found a theater with enough seats and I laughed a lot. Now Johnny Knoxville isn’t always my cup of tea but the kid in this movie MAKES it for me. It was seriously funny and worth a watch (maybe RedBox style). After movies we headed to Common Market, which is a local place, within walking distance from my apt and where I constantly run into this guy I have ZERO desire to see. You are probably asking “Well then why do you?”. Well I go because I refuse to stop just because of him, enter stubbornness at it’s best. It was a fun night with great friends.
Saturday started off with brunch and then getting my hair done. The last time I stepped into a hair salon was February….YIKES! After hair I got two of my friends, Devon and Jen, ready for Halloween. Devon was a zebra and her costume was UH-Mazing! Jen was a Greek goddess and she looked gorgeous! Proof in the picture below.

After getting them ready I went home to “relax” read I got in my comfy clothes, glasses on, hair up in a mess and planned to do nothing. A phone call and a few persuasive words later I am headed to a house party and then All-American. I wasn’t kidding when I said I don’t relax well. 🙂
This is apparently the only face I know how to make in pictures these days…geez!
Sunday I watched lots of DVR, played disc golf (horribly) with Lynae and Thomas and spent the rest of it making dinner and watching First Daughter and Hocus Pocus. I always forget SJP is in it and she always takes me by surprise…pre Carrie Bradshaw days!

My Weekend + Links

This past weekend I went to Jacksonville to celebrate a wonderful friend of mine’s upcoming wedding day. The wonderful couple are the two in the photo below.

To say that I loved every minute of the trip would be an understatement. I got to spend time with some of my favorite people and just have good quality friend time. This also means I didn’t get around to taking snaps of my outfits, so instead of a fashion post I leave you with some inspiring links, a few must watch shows/movies and other random links found on the web.

Inspiration for Twenty-Somethings

…because i’m a twentysomething – a great reminder to not compare yourself to other twentysomethings and to live your life the way you want to, not the way society says you should
To Change the World, Fear Means Go – basically a great post about really living up to the statement that if it scares you, you should do it.

UGA Happiness

Mark Rich gets emotional after Georgia’s win over LSU – the interview shows why my alma mater has stuck beside this amazing coach and man…he has a true emotional investment in his players

Recently Watched

Veronica Mars – one of my all time favorite shows that was cancelled in 2007; it’s now being made into a movie thanks to fans who gave money via Kickstart to get the project funded
42 – The Jackie Robinson story, I vote a must see and one of my favorite current movies out
Beautiful Creatures – I walked in expecting one thing and ended up with something completely different…not my favorite movie but worth the Redbox rental