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If you read my last post, then you know that living a healthier lifestyle is a top priority for me this year and the years to come. So for a Christmas present to myself I purchased Focus T25 from Beachbody. Before I go in to why I chose this program, let me tell you a little bit about how I got to this place. 
I have struggled with weight pretty much my whole life. After college, I moved in with someone who I met the day before and quickly learned she was quite health conscious. Good news for me is that her healthy habits started to rub off on me and so I started training for a half marathon. I was making smart meal choices, running and really sticking to my goals. In April about three months before my half marathon I got an awful pain in my right knee. Fun Fact: I tore my ACL once in middle school and then again in high school. After a week of my knee not getting better I went to the doctor and he told me what I was dreading…that I would need knee surgery in order to remove more of my meniscus that was trapped between the bones in my knee. After surgery he told me that running was no longer an option and my heart broke. 
Fast forward a few years and I haven’t really committed to a healthy lifestyle since then. So what better time to start than the new year. Thanks to some guidance and group challenge put together by one of my favorite bloggers Marion I chose Focus T25 to help get me to a happy and healthy place. 
For me it was a no brainer, no equipment is required at least in the Alpha phase and since I travel every other week, I could always just pack these DVDs with me. Oh and of course the best party it is only TWENTY FIVE minutes. I mean seriously who says no to less than 30 minutes for a workout. 
You get the Alpha and Beta phase DVDs, a bonus stretch DVD, a nutrition guide, 5 Day Fast Track and a Quick Start Guide. You also get a resistance band which you don’t use in the Alpha phase. 
So far I am loving the workouts and am amazed and how much can be packed into 25 minutes. As I continue with this workout I keep you updated on my thoughts and results. So here is to a new year and a healthier version of me. 

Friday Fancies

My wanderlust got kicked up a notch after seeing some of the most beautiful and unusual hotels around the world.
A picture is a worth a thousand words, except this group might be worth so many more.
I can only attest to a few of these but boy was the map spot on.
Anything in a pink/gold combo and I am hooked plus the colors are perfect for a Spring Mani.
This little cutie took over one of my favorites blog the other day and it was adorable.
I am thinking of trying out a crossfit class and found this article to be helpful.
Everyone needs a good pair of navy shorts…I picked up my second pair this past week.
My grandma, mom and little sister are coming to visit me this weekend and help with a project or two (which may or may not end up on this little blog). They also plan to help me pack for my trip which I leave for in ……..

Outside Dining

It is no secret that I have a strong desire to throw serious dinner parties. I want to create the theme, decorate, think up a fitting menu and provide an evening of fun for my friends. Now if only my friends all lived in the same, it would be much easier. Until I can get them all in one place I will just keep dreaming and getting inspiration from images like these.
I love the button tucked benches as part of the seating and the simple flowers in vases lining the center of the table. I also LOVE those wine glasses.

Those chairs are perfect and those wine glasses again are the best.

This whole dinner party is perfection. Who would think light bulbs would be so gorgeous but they are and I would happily throw a delight soirée under those lights.  

This centerpiece is absolute perfection and the two end chairs wrapped with fabric and ribbon…I die.

Did I mention I love lights? I like the intimate setting it creates and the homey feel it provides. So much better than harsh bright lighting and who doesn’t look good with a good twinkle light glow?

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
This one is my favorite. I love the random and classic feel of the chairs and settee. The flowers are perfect, the old wooden table is a surprising addition and my absolute fair part is the chandeliers. It is classic, old and romantic.
Anyone else wanting to throw an upscale dinner party? Go ridiculously over the top and create a very grown up setting? If so, would you prefer inside or out? What is your “dream” setting and décor?


I am all for the holidays. Once Thanksgiving gets close I am full blown holiday crazed. I decided a few weeks ago I wanted to have a Thanksgiving dinner with my group of friends. So with a ton of emails and some planning later we ended up having a fantastic “Friendsgiving” this past Sunday.
 On Saturday Thomas and I went shopping for decorations, more so I shopped for decorations and he shopped for cooking supplies. We got supplies for our dishes the following day and made a plan to decorate on Sunday.
We decided to use my boss’s hurricanes for the centerpieces and I got moss, cranberries and candles to put in the middle.

As a side note, cranberries taste awful. I don’t know this from personal experience but from the faces Jeff and Thomas made I can gather they weren’t delicious.
Thomas made turkey cake pops to go on the table and wrapped the napkins in leaves.

My lovely friend Jen.

 And this is my friend Thomas in all his Turkey Leg glory!

Travel Bug

You wanna know a secret? If you ever talk to me two of the things you will learn quickly is that I love fashion and I want to see the world. The secret you might not find out, I am not as traveled as I come off. Below are some places I dream of seeing in my lifetime.

 St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. I mean look at those colors, who wouldn’t want to see this place and experience Moscow (maybe just me)!

 Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I have a serious love for the Asian Continent. I would love to spend weeks months exploring the countries there.

Igloo Village at Hotel Kakslautanen. I LOVE cold weather. I will happily trade in my four seasons here in the south for two seasons year round of fall and winter. I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights and you can from these igloos located in Finland.
Photos: 1|2|3

Where have I actually traveled you ask. Well I’ve only the left US to go the Caribbean and Mexico via a cruise ship and a few trips to Toronto for work and Niagara Falls for family fun. The farthest west I have ever been is Nashville, TN. I have covered the eastern seaboard a good bit, as evidenced below.
A cold trip to Boston led to laughs, memories and so much fun. These ladies made this trip and we still talk about it. Which is why we need to plan another one. Am I right Dani, Anna, Christine?

A wonderful trip to NYC, my favorite city to date, with T and other good friends. It was a fun few days of sight seeing, shopping, food and friends. A trip I will never forget and a trip that ended with me purchasing my first pair of these amazing flats. 

A late night/early morning drive to Virginia Beach to visit Dani Lyn was so much fun and exhausting. Sleep was overrated, Skip and Go Naked was underrated and the memories were perfect. Plus we ate at HK on the Bay, which has the most incredible Seafood Macaroni.

Last is my trip to Washington, DC with my little sister B and her ninth grade class as a chaperone. Who thought I was qualified is beyond me, but it was a blast and I learned so much, soaked up some US History, that may or may not have been forgotten since first learning in middle school. 
I have always wanted to go places everywhere really but I started to realize I’ve put my love of fashion above my love of travel. Not to say this is a bad thing but I won’t have memories from spending $200 on a pair of shoes or $500 on a purse but I will have memories from spending $700 on a plane ticket to Europe.
So this long blog post is  basically to say my priorities might be realigning. Does this mean I don’t want or won’t sometimes buy those shoes or purse? No, I definitely do and will, but I want to live outside the here and now satisfaction and live for the future satisfaction and the lasting changes traveling will hopefully have on me.

So tell me where you want to travel or places you want to revisit?