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Nike Necessities

I am alone or are there others who get motivated to workout just by having cute workout gear? I mean there are days I just don’t want to spend the time to workout and then I look at my clothes and think I didn’t buy these to sit in a drawer. 
I have a few favorite places to buy workout gear but one of my absolute tried and true stores in Nike and Nike Factory Outlet. Not only are they stylish, comfortable but they last a long time. I am not getting a dime for writing any of these words, they are my own, I just wanted to get that out there! 🙂 

The other thing I love about these two pieces is also the versatility I get from them. They are great work out pieces but you can go from gym to brunch with the a few sprays of dry shampoo, a hat and sunglasses. 
I will recommend going down in the leggings. I have a few pairs and after my first pair I learned they give and that is the last thing you want while working out. 
I keep my workout gear pretty simple with greys, blues, blacks and whites. However my shoe game I like to step up one or twelve notches.  I love fun colors and designs and I am hoping to scoop up this pair in a few weeks. This pair was a random purchase while at the mall a few months ago and they are SUPER comfortable. 
I have actually worn this top with leggings, boots and a scarf out to dinner and a movie so when I say these pieces have versatility I mean it. I love the off shoulder detail and when it gets a bit warmed a scarf won’t be necessary. 
Just showing you that you can move around in this gear. 

His + Her Game Day Wear

Football hasn’t always been in my blood, in fact, growing up I was a HUGE basketball fan. It wasn’t until I went to college that football became such a big part of my life. You see at the University of Georgia, football isn’t just a sport it is a way of life. A weekend in Athens is an experience I believe everyone should have. Saturdays in Athens are not a joke. We arrive early. We arrive rowdy. And we arrive dressed to the nines. So it the last part that I am going to explain a bit further. 

The wonderful group over at Paul Fredrick asked me to put together his and her game day outfits that represent my favorite team. I happily accepted and got to work creating  two dressier game day looks for you guys. I know you are probably thinking. Did she say dress? Yes I did. You see some people think that game day attire is simply shorts or jeans and a jersey BUT in the south we view football as a religion and if you dress up for church then you best believe you dress up for the football game. 

This is such a classic look for guys. I recommend starting your outfit with a dress shirt. Paul Fredrick has a great selection but this red and white striped shirt was my favorite. Then you move to selecting your bowtie. Of course you can wear a tie but I personally prefer a gentleman in a bowtie. This black and white polka dot bowtie was the perfection addition to the striped shirt. Pants are a bit easier as you just need a good pair of black pants however I will say PLEASE get flat front ones. No one likes a pleat. This pair of flat front black pants is a great staple to have in any wardrobe. The finish touch will the be these black winged oxfords which add an extra dash of sophistication to the outfit.

Cold Weather Game Day Outfit
This is definitely an outfit I would gladly wear on game day. Sometimes red can be a hard color to pull off (on my skin it definitely is) so I opt for items that are black with red details. This black and red plaid dress is fashionable and functional, it’s wool, so you will stay warm in the colder months or at the bowl game (God willing we go to one every year). Next I add this simple black turtleneck underneath the dress. Tights are must to keep your legs warm and these Spanx tights will be sure to hold you in, even after one or two or more beers. A dash of gold brings some add luxe to this outfit. This Kate Spade link necklace is such a good staple piece. These booties are extra comfortable, which you will need, after hours of standing on your feet. If you are from anywhere other than the south, you are probably thinking HEELS?? Is she crazy? Well I and some 30, 000 other girls are who decide fashion is a must on Saturdays. Thankfully these Cole Haan booties are extra forgiving on your feet. The last item is this classic black cross body bag from Tory Burch. Don’t get me wrong I love a big bag, like most women, but carrying around my totes for 10+ hours is a no for me. This bag will fit everything you need for the day and night. 

Let me know what you guys wear or wore to your game days. Also let me know who your favorite football team is. No matter if it is NFL or NCAA, just do a shout out below. 

Purple Waves

This past weekend I went to Navarre, Florida to visit family. It is such a great place to visit and I am glad my grandma is moving there soon. It isn’t overly populated, touristy is not a word I would use to describe it and you can bet that you won’t find building after building along the beach. All of this is what makes Navarre a great place to visit.
Carigan (similar) | Shirt (similar) | Leggings | Boots (similar) | Necklace (similar) | Bracelet | Watch
My sister and I went down to check out the beach and of course take pictures. I am  not a beach person, at least not in summer, but Janaury at the beach now we are talking. It was chilly but not cold, there wasn’t many people there and the gray day made the beach seem like it had a bleached filter over it. It was beautiful!!
I will say the one thing to never spend 25 minutes on is curling your hair. After being at the beach my hair looked a hot mess but thankfully they stayed for the pictures.
These boots have been a staple for a few years now and I am thinking I may have to invest in a new pair for next fall/winter but for now they remain one of my best sale finds.

Kentucky Derby, Charlotte Style

Let’s talk about the Kentucky Derby. The hats, dresses, shoes and the status. It all seems like so much fun. So let’s take a look at what the Kentucky Derby fashion scene is all about

{all images}.
Personally my favorite is Krysten Ritter’s floral and lace trimmed dress. Her hat is just big enough and nice compliment to the dress itself and the darker navy shoes.

So after looking at all these beautiful hats and dresses, I need help deciding what to wear to Queens Cup her in Charlotte. Our lovely version of the Kentucky Derby. My work purchased a tent, will provide food and beverages and of course always a good time. So since I already have a tulle skirt and try to wear it every chance I get here a few options I was thinking about for Queens Cup.

skirt | blouse | earrings | wedges

I am fan of blushes and neutrals, especially for the Spring so that top just speaks to me. Those earrings are a bit out of my normal routine. I am a studs kind of girl but LOVE a good statement necklace. However with the floral going on I know it best to avoid a necklace with this ensemble. The next look is quite similar, let’s be honest almost identical. What can I say? I know what I like.

skirt | blouse | earrings | wedges

So what are your thoughts? Probably that I am ridiculous and basically just need to pick a shirt and get over myself? Well I might, but I like opinions too.

Who Wears Short Shorts?


I admit that my love for cold weather is not the normal. I am always the first to celebrate the first frost of the fall/winter season, squeal with excitement when layers are no longer a want to wear but a need to wear and snow is actually in the forecast, BUT I do love a good spring time forecast of shorts and sweaters. I don’t know why but this might be my favorite outfit of choice, well, behind leggings and oversized sweaters of course.
So in honor of the impending warmer weather and the brief stint I will get of shorts and sweaters, here is a few of my favorite looks.

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

So with Spring time just around the corner, it looks like I may need to update my wardrobe with some fun and light weight sweaters along with fun prints and solid colored shorts. What is your favorite season? Outfit pairing?

Preppy in Pearls

I have realized that I am no good at a serious face, so I think I will stick with smiling in my photos no matter how cheesy that may be. I had my boss, she is awesome, take a few photos the other day as we were leaving work AND it was SNOWING! I love snow, I mean like I pray for it constantly in the winter. As a southerner it isn’t an everyday or every week occurrence for us, so when it happens I freak out, in the best way possible of course.
Coat: Old Navy (similar) | Sweater: Gap | ButtonUp: Ralph Lauren (similar)| Leggings: David Lerner
Bag: Sophie Hulme | Boots: Lucky (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors | Necklace: Amazon | Bracelets: JCrew, Forever 21, JewelMint

So T found this awesome blue patterned button up at a consignment shop on the SERIOUSLY cheap side. I was so ready to start styling it the minute she showed it to me. As for my leggings (I live in these suckers) I will forever be a fan of David Lerner. You see these leggings keep their shape, not after just one wear but a few, trust me they are worth EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.
 The bag, well I can’t actually say it is mine sadly. My boss let me borrow it and trust me if you aren’t ready to fork out a good chunk of your paycheck don’t borrow a Sophie Hulme bag. One carry and I am hooked, too bad I have trips to pay for and not bags this year. One day though you can bet I will have my very own Sophie Hulme, until then, Abby can I just keep this for a few weeks months? 


Oh Grammys, you never do disappoint do you? Not only does it bring it out some of the best fashion on the red carpet, BUT it starts the show with Beyoncé and Jay-Z. And did you see Beyoncé? She is going to rock 2014 harder than she did 2013 (if that’s possible). I was in awe of her!
Now for the part I love the most, the dresses and the suits. Here are my picks for Best Dressed last night.
Miranda Lambert in red is a vision. She looks stunning, happy and just all together WOW.

Can we PLEASE talk about how stunning Paris Hilton looked? I mean I have never been a big fan of hers, but she nailed that red carpet look last night. 

So in case you didn’t know (who could tell in this dress) Ciara is an expecting mom. Crazy right? I mean she looks gorgeous in this dress! 

If you don’t know Bonnie McKee, well you should, she has co-written a lot of Katy Perry’s songs. She is one of the few who can pull off crazy colored hair. All though in this dress last night, her hair was the last thing to be looking at. That clutch MADE this dress with it’s edgy vibe.

I am becoming a big believe in dresses with sleeves so this one was right up my alley. Although her dress that she wore to perform All Too Well last night might be my absolute favorite.

Only Kelly could make me want purple hair. She also the only one who can make it look so classic. She looked stunning in this dress and I love that she wore one of her dad’s cross’s as well.
I don’t think I have ever seen John Legend look bad. He owns this suit and that half smile that no one else. His wife looked stunning last night as well. However the best picture of John Legend and wife Chrissy would be the one Neil Patrick Harris photobombed!

This duo could show up in anything and still rock the pants off it. Their performance was perfection and their message simple…..everyone deserves love. It gave and still does give me chills.

It is blue, velvet and lucky enough to be on Robin Thicke. I would happily be that suit if I could. He does no wrong in my book (leaving Miley Cyrus out of that statement).
So who were your favorites? I definitely had some least favorites but I wanted to showcase the best not the worse.

Shopping Hiatus

I have big plans for this year, the biggest being my trip to Scotland (fingers crossed) and so with the new year came my new mentality on shopping…if I don’t need it I don’t buy it.  This won’t last the whole year because honestly if you can last a year without shopping for clothes well you are far stronger than I am. Anyways my point is my obsession with continuously browsing store online has led me to crave SO MANY NEW THINGS.
If you viewed my shopping carts you would laugh…I mean we are talking 10+ shops filled with clothes I wish I could buy but alas I want to visit Europe more than have a few more items in my closet. I have already shared my wanderlust passion and my desire to travel more with you. So for now I will share with you my current wants but NOT needs.

Frequently Fancying

Shoes: Nude Pumps | Burgundy LoafersWhite Tennies | Black Booties
Jewelry: Double Ring | Love Ring | Nail Bracelet | Statement Necklace | Gold Watch
Accessories: Scarf | Clutch | Over the Shoulder

Apparently I am loving every type of pant/skirt/denim Gap is putting out right now! Also can we PLEASE talk about that blush color purse from Kate Spade. My friend Christine sent me the link a few days ago and I was instantly in love…with handbags it doesn’t take much but that color is just SPOT ON.

Neutral Number

Some mornings I wake up (late) and need a go to outfit that is both classic and comfortable… to me this outfit is the winner. I call it my old faithful…it is has been around since 2011! I bought the skirt to wear to my going away party and it has gotten me through many scrambled mornings here in Charlotte. 

These boots were one of my favorite finds in 2013. Being almost identical to these booties but at a SUPER steal I couldn’t say no and I am so glad I didn’t. I have had these in heavy rotation this winter.

Turtleneck: Gap | Skirt: Gap (similar, splurge) | Tights: Merona |
Boots: Forever 21 (similar) | Bracelets: JCrew, Necklace, old

To say that I have worn this outfit out over the years would be an understatement, but it is one I continually go back too. Any old trusty outfits you have in your closet?

Plaid + Pearls

My family is more of the jeans and sweater type and I am more of the girlier and the dressier the better. So when it came time to pick out an outfit for Christmas Eve with my family I decided to just go with what I wanted. I took a cue from Atlantic-Pacific and went with plaid, pearls and tulle! To my surprise my little cousin like my skirt so much she wants one of her own.
This picture is a product of my mother’s brainy idea to stand in the window seal. Getting down from this window would have been hysterical was I not afraid I was going to fall and break a leg.

Top: Old Navy | Skirt: DIY | Shoes: Guess, similar | Belt: Target |
Necklace: Amazon | Earrings: Kate Spade | Rings: Gifts | Bracelet: JCrew
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and wonderful with loved ones. Have a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve!