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Forgotten Fotos

So as I was going through my photos to type up two recipe posts I found some photos of my trip to Athens and a few more from Savannah. So I thought what better thing to do then give those beauties there own blog post. Behold, below pictures from my beloved alma mater, my dad and I sanding a tree trump and my recent trip to Savannah for fourth of July and of course Danielle’s birthday!!
Thomas, Lynae, Jeff, Sean and Kimmy walking arund North Campus.
Ringing the bell….its a big deal to UGA grads.
Jeff wanted nothing to do with a UGA tradition.
I spent so many Saturdays here with friends. We yelled, chanted, celebrated and danced in this stadium every Saturday for three years. I have so many memories from Saturdays in Athens.

A tree stump. What in the world is one doing with a tree stump? Well I am going to create a side table out of it. It needed to be sanded first so my dad and I set about to do just that.  

He will kill me for posting this but well he is the best. He helped me sand the tree stump. Picture below is him sanding the more detailed spots on my stump. This guy is seriously the best. I find an idea and he brings them to life.

These are the mountains you can see from my front yard. The beauty was lost on me as a child but my first trip back from Charlotte I realized the beauty I overlooked each day.
Seriously good coffee in downtown Savannah.
He doesn’t know this picture exists but I liked it.
Two of my favorites waiting to get into Wet Willies.  

Family Friday

Every year we take family photos when I go home for Thanksgiving. We use a picture for the family Christmas card so I thought I would share a few here and our one funny photo we managed to squeeze in. My cousin was in town she joined in on the fun. And yes I am wearing the tulle skirt AGAIN…I can’t get enough. 

So this is my wonderful family. My cousin Chloe, my grandmother Sugar, my dad and T.  

This lady right here, well she is pretty much awesome. My cousin Chloe started calling her Sugar so I followed in suit. I mean who wouldn’t want to be called Sugar! 🙂 

We start with a perfectly normal picture…

Then it turns into a funny picture…

Then we laugh! 

I will leave you with this photo. I requested this picture be taken and I am so glad I did….I really do love it! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

Father + Daughter Love

Today is a very important day for the world! Don’t worry you didn’t forget a holiday, it is my dad’s birthday! So in honor of him and all he does here are some photos of the main man in my life and some words of love for a guy who has done more than I will ever be able to repay him for.
I don’t think I can describe in words how thankful I am for my dad. We have our differences and are too much alike sometimes, but without him I wouldn’t be half the person I am today. He is always there for me, can me laugh at the drop of a hat and gives me the support and confidence I need when making big decisions. This guy right here is an incredible dad.

This picture is perfect, mainly because it depicts exactly what he looks like most of the time. The man loves to takes pictures and even started a photography business. Thanks to him I have embarrassing childhood/adulthood moments captured forever.

My years in college had ups and downs and a few not so proud moments but through it all this guy supported and encouraged me. There were a few times I had ZERO desire to finish but he told me it would all be worth it and it was!

This is my dad and Teresa. They were in London for a layover to South Africa on a mission trip. See not only he is an awesome dad and husband but a big fan of the man upstairs. He has a heart far bigger than many people know! He came back a better person after that trip and I think (if possible) his heart grew even bigger.

For anyone who doesn’t know the man also loves to ride his Harley. It is his baby, sometimes I think he loves it more than me…not really! I do love that he has a love for traveling (thanks for passing that on) and has a desire to see the world still. I know I definitely got my love for the world and crazy ideas that I can see it all from him. 

There are so many things I love and adore about this guy. He allows me to be me completely, even if that irritates his sometimes. He supports my crazy, sometimes impulsive decisions and never lets his feelings get in the way of telling me to go for whatever dream I want. He tells me to move if I want to move (even though I know he would miss me a lot) and that I must always follow my heart. He embraces my open-mindedness and my opinions even if they aren’t my own.
I am proud to be his daughter and I realize more and more how lucky I am to have him!