His + Her Game Day Wear

Football hasn’t always been in my blood, in fact, growing up I was a HUGE basketball fan. It wasn’t until I went to college that football became such a big part of my life. You see at the University of Georgia, football isn’t just a sport it is a way of life. A weekend in Athens is an experience I believe everyone should have. Saturdays in Athens are not a joke. We arrive early. We arrive rowdy. And we arrive dressed to the nines. So it the last part that I am going to explain a bit further. 

The wonderful group over at Paul Fredrick asked me to put together his and her game day outfits that represent my favorite team. I happily accepted and got to work creating  two dressier game day looks for you guys. I know you are probably thinking. Did she say dress? Yes I did. You see some people think that game day attire is simply shorts or jeans and a jersey BUT in the south we view football as a religion and if you dress up for church then you best believe you dress up for the football game. 

This is such a classic look for guys. I recommend starting your outfit with a dress shirt. Paul Fredrick has a great selection but this red and white striped shirt was my favorite. Then you move to selecting your bowtie. Of course you can wear a tie but I personally prefer a gentleman in a bowtie. This black and white polka dot bowtie was the perfection addition to the striped shirt. Pants are a bit easier as you just need a good pair of black pants however I will say PLEASE get flat front ones. No one likes a pleat. This pair of flat front black pants is a great staple to have in any wardrobe. The finish touch will the be these black winged oxfords which add an extra dash of sophistication to the outfit.

Cold Weather Game Day Outfit
This is definitely an outfit I would gladly wear on game day. Sometimes red can be a hard color to pull off (on my skin it definitely is) so I opt for items that are black with red details. This black and red plaid dress is fashionable and functional, it’s wool, so you will stay warm in the colder months or at the bowl game (God willing we go to one every year). Next I add this simple black turtleneck underneath the dress. Tights are must to keep your legs warm and these Spanx tights will be sure to hold you in, even after one or two or more beers. A dash of gold brings some add luxe to this outfit. This Kate Spade link necklace is such a good staple piece. These booties are extra comfortable, which you will need, after hours of standing on your feet. If you are from anywhere other than the south, you are probably thinking HEELS?? Is she crazy? Well I and some 30, 000 other girls are who decide fashion is a must on Saturdays. Thankfully these Cole Haan booties are extra forgiving on your feet. The last item is this classic black cross body bag from Tory Burch. Don’t get me wrong I love a big bag, like most women, but carrying around my totes for 10+ hours is a no for me. This bag will fit everything you need for the day and night. 

Let me know what you guys wear or wore to your game days. Also let me know who your favorite football team is. No matter if it is NFL or NCAA, just do a shout out below. 

1 thought on “His + Her Game Day Wear

  1. Christine

    Perfect looks for gameday! You completely nailed it saying “in the south we football is a religion and if you dress up for church then you best believe you dress up for the football.” The dress you picked is perfect and one I would wear in and out of the stadium! #godawgs



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