Friday Fancies

I can’t think of a better way to use 8,000,000 rose petals.
Sometimes even the scariest of animals can surprise you with their kindness.
From N’SYNC to JT to Justin Timberlake….the evolution of Justin Timberlake through a group of Frat Boy dance moves.

Nothing like a boy and his dog pictures to brighten up any day.
I am definitely guilty of having a few of these symptoms and the prescription I have no problem filling….only question is where?
A foundation that actually stays on my oily/dry skin is a miracle……or just MAC.
Loving Beth’s red and mint outfit combo here. Seriously love a good shorts outfit.
Not only are these restaurants located in some amazing places but they have the most stunning views to go along with it all.  
Target pretty much nails it 95% of the time and this little pajama set shows just how wonderful they can be.
As you are reading this I am either flywheeling it up or traveling to Wilmington to go beach camping. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! See you Monday!

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