Dominican Trip Part 2

Did I ever mention I have a hard time deciding between pictures. Some people post three images and tell you all about their trip, others post twelve pictures and tell minimal about their trip; I post a hundred pictures and tell you every. single. detail. of my trip. So on that note let me pick up where I left off at ……
After looking around the Fuente de Vida property we headed back to our house. We did stop in at a local store and as I looked around at the housing I realized how lucky I am to have such a nice, comfortable and sturdy house to live in.  


After our day long adventures it was clearly time for a nap.

This is a view from Pastor Mario’s church on the third floor. The first floor is where Sunday School and Preaching take place and the second floor is for kids Sunday School and church. The third floor was started but has yet to be completed.

The goal is to finish the third floor and make it into dorms for future mission trip volunteers to stay in. One side being for females and one side being for males and a bathroom at each end.


After a nap and exploring Mario’s church we went into town to be real tourists for a little bit.


I should be wrapping this trip up next Monday or Tuesday. Tomorrow I am back to regularly scheduled “Friday Fancies” and boy are there some good links on  my list.

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