Italian Dream Home

I am fan lover of wine and I have always dreamed of living in Italy. Perhaps somewhere outside of Tuscany with scenic views and land surrounding me. I want ornate décor and intricate details. An entrance that stands out and leaves and impression. A bark yard that rivals those of the best landscape architects. A closet that would make Mariah Carey envious and a bathtub that would make even the faintest of bath takers melt into a sublime happiness. Well folks I think I found that house…. 

Vaulted ceilings, stunning light fixtures, arches that frame a break-taking view and all of that natural light.


The beams on the ceiling, the fireplace and the décor are enough to make one swoon, let alone the views you get admire.


Imagine the meals you could whip up, the laughter to be had at the table and the beauty that surrounds you while doing it all.



Imagine a long day of work and chores. What better way to end it than in this marble tub with a class of wine and Vogue. I imagine this bath tub works miracles on long, exhausting days.



This is the location where you sit with your closest friends, drinking one too many bottles of wine, sharing the past memories made, thinking up new ones to make, laughing at nothing and everything and staying up until the wee hours of the morning. This is where moments like that are captured.


Do you all dream of owning a home in a foreign country? If so where? What would it look like?

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