Friday Fancies



I am sucker for a sweet love story and even more beautiful is they got married where they met, which is a gorgeous olive grove.
Couldn’t have said these words better myself.

The fact that a teenager came up with this is amazing, the fact that our government hasn’t thought of it already (baffling).
This is on the menu for dinner sometime next week.
I am going to be sweating it out here tomorrow at 8:30am. If you haven’t taken a class….DO IT!
I leave in exactly eleven days for a little work and a little play at this slice of heaven!
I scooped up a pair of these beauties the other day and let me tell you they are so comfortable.
Helena can seriously rock any look and be stunning. This denim on denim is amazing.
I am on the hunt for the perfect blush colored bag. This RM is high on the list right now.
I am not sure where this place is but I would appreciate my future home to have a kitchen window that opens up to a deck bar.
I hope you all have a seriously wonderful weekend!

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