Sunshine State

This past weekend I went to visit a friend in Florida. While I LOVE a good chilly day, my outfit inspiration is currently lacking in the layering department so it was nice to know I was headed for warmer temps.
Friday started off with Dani Lyn and Becky jumping on my bed and waking me up. After getting ready and taking the top off the Jeep we headed for St. Augustine for shopping and drinks.
It seriously looked like an old time village but with the most delicious smelling food and overly priced clothes. The locals call this place “credit card alley” and trust me plenty of tourists were helping it keep it’s name.

Once we were over shopping, yes even I was over it, and headed for drinks. Obviously those drinks had to be accompanied by chips, salsa and guacamole. We stopped at Acapulco Mexican Restaurant, which had a delicious margarita. Also it was either seriously loaded with some tequila or I am becoming a light weight. It’s probably the latter, but either way it was scrumptious.

 This was our view from Acapulco. It was a little windy but gorgeous.

Excuse the blurriness this was on the front view camera of an iPhone so you can only ask so much. This was just a random one that came about as we are outside DL’s house taking selfies. 


I posted this on Friday before we headed to dinner and can I just say that you guys know how to make a girl feel awesome.

Here is the full outfit and details:
Blazer: Gap (old),  similar | Blouse: Loft (old), similar  | Shorts: old, similiar | Belt: old, similar | Shoes: Michael Kors On Sale | Necklace: Anthropologie, Ebay | Wallet: Hobo

Here we are in Cheers, the classiest most interesting bar I’ve been too in a while. However we had a few too many drinks I mean laughs and a good time Wobbling like nobody’s business. Oh and the pic of me looking like a statue…I didn’t know that was taken but it was hilarious. This is me observing some rather horrible dancing done by two older folks. Do I need to say anymore?

Saturday we took it easy and ended up having a very low key afternoon and evening. We grabbed a late lunch and then DL and I went to see the new Veronica Mars movie. I LOVED IT! I am a huge VM fan so this was my teenage dream come true.

After VM and dinner, we went to Wal Mart in search of Just Wright. I happen to score a few DVDs on sale. Judge all you want but MK & Ashley are two of my favorites and I don’t know what girl wouldn’t want Sex and the City Movies 1 AND 2 for FIVE DOLLARS!

Sunday we woke up, got ready for brunch at Casa Marina and then headed to Jacksonville Beach. Two of my friends Jerry and Thomas join us and we feast and I mean feast on an array of mouth watering food. Afterward I go and hang out with some of Jerry friends and then Thomas and I head back to Charlotte.

It was a seriously delightful weekend. A weekend filled with so many fun memories and a ton of laughs. A weekend like this refills the soul and just re-energizes you. I didn’t realize how much I needed this until Sunday when I was just content with life.


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