Friday Fancies

It is officially Friday and I more than overjoyed at the fact that I have the rainy weekend to look forward to. Why might you ask, well because I have to pack up my life seeing as how I am moving in two weeks. I, of course, planned a trip next weekend that takes that out of the packing plan so I will enjoy the need to be inside and pack myself into an organized stupor.

Anyways this week’s internet search has landed me some awesome finds and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
I don’t know about you, but this little girl’s willingness to help others gives me such faith in the next generation.
Although this video makes me worry the next generation is never going to have the right idea about what natural beauty is. I was even in shock at what Photoshop could do.
I am a firm believe rin kisses. I think there is something so intimate and special about them and while I never imagined strangers kissing would be beautiful and heart warming I learned differently after this perfect story.
This weekend might call for a yummy new recipe and I think I found just the one to whip up.
I have every desire in the world to add a pink moto jacket to my wardrobe thinks to the ever stylish Blair.
With Spring around the corner, I am gearing up for a new palette of colors and this gorgeous mani is top on my list to try.

Also can we talk about how SJP is on top of her shoe game, but I never doubted she wouldn’t be. I have plans a little farther into the future to add one pair to my ever growing shoe collection.

Speaking of SJP, check out her stunning brownstone and answers to 73 random questions.

My gorgeous and sweet friend Sarah, FINALLY opened up an Etsy shop and she is selling her art. Trust me you want a piece of her work hanging in your house/studio/office, whatever. Anyways check her site out and watch her collection grow.

Last but certainly not least, is this awesome adventure, I am going on in April with work. A coworker of mine was kind of enough to invite along on our work’s mission trip to Dominican Republic. I am excited to go and already prepared to never want to leave.

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