Snow Day

After watching everyone I know get showered with snow a few weeks ago, I finally got my fill of the white, fluffy, gorgeous stuff. Wednesday morning it started really coming down and by 11am my office let us go to get home safely. Once home I decided my lunch hour would be spent walking around and taking pictures of the quiet streets of SouthEnd. 

That is a road there….usually chock full of people from morning to night, but the weather made the streets eerily quiet and deserted, a rare sight for SouthEnd Charlotte. 

This was Wednesday’s snowfall only an hour or two in. At the end are pictures from today’s snowfall that left us around eight or nine inches…more than I imagined but thoroughly happily about it.

The alleyway leading to Common Market. 

I may or may not have made my way to CVS to grab a few necessities. This bottle of wine being one of them. A girl has priorities and this just happens to be one of mine. 

The Panthers stadium from my rooftop. 

Today’s final snowfall. It was picturesque and amazing. More snow than I could have asked for and so happily to finally have a snow day or two. 

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend. 

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