Friday Fancies

I am super obsessed with the chalkboard spice jars from Anthropologie, and after stumbling upon this DIY version and some perfect chalkboard stickers, these beauties will be in my kitchen soon enough.
Everyone needs a little sparkle in their life. So I figure what better way than with a good weekender bag, STRIPES included.
I am nowhere near having children, single over here and no men on the horizon, I do however know that when I do have a little girl, her birthday party might be on a similar level to this little’s girl big day.
I love a scrumptious chai tea latte, so I know that a chai latte waffle is going to seriously rock my taste buds. I plan on trying out the recipe REALLY soon.
Actually I would love to make those chai latte waffles, while in the perfect cottage kitchen. I mean seriously where do I find a place like this.
Now I am huge fan of the cold and winter weather, I LOVE SNOW, but I am guilty of picking out dark colors; insert this beauty to add some color and spice up any all over black outfit.
I also ended my shopping hiatus last weekend after purchasing the PERFECT boyfriend jeans and white chucks.
Alright I am off to enjoy my weekend, see a friend who is in town for the weekend and watch the Super Bowl. Have a wonderful weekend!

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