Preppy in Pearls

I have realized that I am no good at a serious face, so I think I will stick with smiling in my photos no matter how cheesy that may be. I had my boss, she is awesome, take a few photos the other day as we were leaving work AND it was SNOWING! I love snow, I mean like I pray for it constantly in the winter. As a southerner it isn’t an everyday or every week occurrence for us, so when it happens I freak out, in the best way possible of course.
Coat: Old Navy (similar) | Sweater: Gap | ButtonUp: Ralph Lauren (similar)| Leggings: David Lerner
Bag: Sophie Hulme | Boots: Lucky (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors | Necklace: Amazon | Bracelets: JCrew, Forever 21, JewelMint

So T found this awesome blue patterned button up at a consignment shop on the SERIOUSLY cheap side. I was so ready to start styling it the minute she showed it to me. As for my leggings (I live in these suckers) I will forever be a fan of David Lerner. You see these leggings keep their shape, not after just one wear but a few, trust me they are worth EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.
 The bag, well I can’t actually say it is mine sadly. My boss let me borrow it and trust me if you aren’t ready to fork out a good chunk of your paycheck don’t borrow a Sophie Hulme bag. One carry and I am hooked, too bad I have trips to pay for and not bags this year. One day though you can bet I will have my very own Sophie Hulme, until then, Abby can I just keep this for a few weeks months? 

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