Outside Dining

It is no secret that I have a strong desire to throw serious dinner parties. I want to create the theme, decorate, think up a fitting menu and provide an evening of fun for my friends. Now if only my friends all lived in the same, it would be much easier. Until I can get them all in one place I will just keep dreaming and getting inspiration from images like these.
I love the button tucked benches as part of the seating and the simple flowers in vases lining the center of the table. I also LOVE those wine glasses.

Those chairs are perfect and those wine glasses again are the best.

This whole dinner party is perfection. Who would think light bulbs would be so gorgeous but they are and I would happily throw a delight soirée under those lights.  

This centerpiece is absolute perfection and the two end chairs wrapped with fabric and ribbon…I die.

Did I mention I love lights? I like the intimate setting it creates and the homey feel it provides. So much better than harsh bright lighting and who doesn’t look good with a good twinkle light glow?

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This one is my favorite. I love the random and classic feel of the chairs and settee. The flowers are perfect, the old wooden table is a surprising addition and my absolute fair part is the chandeliers. It is classic, old and romantic.
Anyone else wanting to throw an upscale dinner party? Go ridiculously over the top and create a very grown up setting? If so, would you prefer inside or out? What is your “dream” setting and décor?

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