Friday Fancies

I love when I find an article that really speaks to the inner career driven women in me. I love that she didn’t view being single in her later twenties as the end of her life, more so she embraced the freedom and become the person she wanted to be.
I am not a Seahawks fan, but a commercial that sends chills down my spine and maybe okay definitely a tear down my cheek is a way to make me love those guys a little more.
So I am planning a trip to Europe, London and Scotland to be exact. After reading this blog post, I am certain that an afternoon at the Berkley Hotel is a must. I mean an afternoon tea with fashion as a theme…..count me in.
If anyone ever thought that the army could take the love of color or decorating out of the girl, clearly never saw the inside of Katie del Castillo’s apartment. I mean she seriously has a knack for decorating and an amazing sense of style….she can happily come decorate my place any day.
Speaking of fierce females, have you ever checked out LuellaJune? If not, please run over and check out her incredible style. Also while you are at it, check out her gorgeous wedding to cowboy Cole Means II.
Okay, last envious female I am putting on here I swear. Heather Hansen is insanely talented. She takes the movements of her boy and creates serious works of art. It is seriously breath-taking. I would love to see her work live.
Does anybody else watch the Kardashians? I do from time to time and had NO idea the gorgeous interior of Kourtney’s home. Even more crazy is she just finished decorating the house and is putting it up for same. I just can’t…..CAN NOT imagine leaving that beautiful home.
Lastly I may have to give up on my shopping hiatus to pick up the perfect pair of black booties, which are on CRAZY sale and a comfy yet stylish pair of these fabulous jeans.

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