Friday Fancies


I think every girl needs a few good females in her life that bring out different sides of her. For me I am lucky to have a few that have most or all of these types on their own. My friend sent me this list and honestly I agree that you need most if not all of these types of ladies in your life. Thoughts? 

One look at this place and I was hooked…I mean who wouldn’t want to stay in a tree house.
As if being one of my favorites in One Tree Hill wasn’t enough…this girl is straight awesome in standing up to Urban Outfitters and their recent tee.
I am a self-proclaimed Sex and the City addict. Carrie Bradshaw will forever hold a special place in my heart. Starting in February I can channel my inner CB with the new shoe collection by SJP and Manolo Blanik. This video shows a mini preview of the new line.
Lately it has felt like when one thing goes wrong, EVERYTHING goes wrong! Thankfully before my self-pity got too strong I stumbled upon 8 Things To Remember When Everything Goes Wrong and realized how much I have to be grateful for.
When I was younger I was a big fan of Rice Krispie Treat cereal. Funny how I haven’t thought about it in years until reading over a list of foods that are extinct…anyone else remember most if not all of these?
I wish I would have found this prior to my grandfathers’ passing away but it is a splendid idea and wanted to pass it on. I mean grandparents really know their stuff and to have it written down would be amazing.
If you haven’t checked out Target’s Threshold line….DO IT NOW. I am lusting after this, this and definitely this.

I think I may try out cauliflower as bread this weekend with some cheesy bread sticks!

Happy Friday to you all! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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