White Water Weekend

This weekend was a mix of crazy weather. I think Mother Nature was having an emotional breakdown on Saturday because it rained ALL. DAY. LONG. Thankfully she got her stuff together on Sunday and provided an unseasonably warm January afternoon; which was perfect for cheering on a friend of mine in his first bike race.


The US National White Water Center drained the river for this event and created a bike course which each rider got to go down twice. Each run was timed in order to see who placed where. There were plenty of crash and burns but it was all so fun to watch.

Lynae, Thomas, Haven Pup and I watched and cheered on until after the time trials and then stayed to watch the 40 min lap race (which involved spills, crashes, some broken bike pieces and lots of crazy riders) and afterward we called it a day.

This is Haven Pup or really just Haven. She is a herder by nature and with all the bikes running around she was struggling to keep it together, but man is she a precious one.

We clearly pay attention to signs really well. Although I think since the river was drained the danger was removed.

Here is Jason on one of the uphill turns that some A LOT of people struggled with!

This was another turn that people had problems with. Please note Jason made it through unscathed and in really good time considering he has never raced before.

One fashion comment to make while I am here is that I got this scarf and one other for Christmas from my cousin and his wife. Ummm…I love them. Check out BSprinkled for to get one of these infinity scarves.

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