Friday Fancies

I am some what of an internet lover. I seriously love to scan the internet for heart-warming stories, funny videos, new blogs and anything else you can stumble upon while randomly perusing the internet. I also get help from friends who send me links via email and so I thought why not share my fun findings to give you all something to do over the weekend.
Psst…don’t tell but my favorite Sunday Funday activity is curling up on the couch, tv in the background checking out other’s link finds.


Titus Trick Shot (All Around Adorable Kid)
2013 Pop Video Mashups (The other years are worth checking out too)
San Francisco Becomes Gotham City – No one can ever say SF isn’t an awesome place
Iron Bowl Ending (This shows SEC Fans commitment to Football)
VERONICA MARS (I was huge fan of this in high school and I’m so glad it is coming back and onto the big screen. #teamlogan
What if we banned weddings? (A serious thought to the pressures we put on ourselves and others)
A woman who LOVES her job! (She commutes 100 miles round-trip…that is dedication people)
30 Things to STOP Doing (I do more than 1 or 2 things on this list)
French Toast on a Stick (Who doesn’t love a pretty presentation)
Quinoa Pizza Bites (I want to give quinoa another chance)
Pink + Gold Vase (Give me anything gold and I am a happy camper)
Keep Going (A gorgeous print and encouraging words)
Gems (Every girl needs at least a little sparkle)
Stemless Champagne Flutes (They are gold need I say more)
Deer Head (Only animal head I would ever have hanging in my house)
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. It is currently raining outside and set to rain through Saturday night so I plan to do a lot of nothing.

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