Pumpkin Patch Shenanigans

Lynae, Jen and I spent part of our Saturday at Hodges Farm to pick out pumpkins. They wanted to carve them, me on the other hand I planned to glitter them. 
They let you price your own pumpkins, but give you the scale above to go by. 

Meet my lovely friend Jen. I said smile and she gives me this. 

They had old school Red Flyer Wagons you could grab and wheel your pumpkins up.

This is my fabulous roommate Lynae. She is ready to get some pumpkins. 

That’s right, I voluntarily stood beside this girl in her Florida jersey. It took a lot for this Georgia girl and alumni but I like her enough. 

Cardigan: J.Crew | Top: Loft | Leggings: David Lerner | Boots: Lucky Brand (old, this years version) | Necklace: Ebay (this shop owner)

If you want leggings that keep their shape and are super comfy look no further than these David Lerner leggings. They are a little on the splurge side, mine were a gift from one of my good friends, but they are totally worth every penny. I plan to snag these in black on black or these in navy up next. 

Clearly something was really funny. It kind of looks like a staged picture, at least to me, but I really was laughing. 

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