I know I said I would get back to my Try it First Thursdays but that just didn’t happen this week. I’ve left work post sunset for the last few weeks which makes taking pictures rather difficult to put it lightly. I do promise I have some fun plans this weekend and will return to my regular scheduled life next week, I think! For now I leave you with some throw back pictures of some of my favorites and why I love them so.

Anna & I in Boston on our last day eating at Cheers. Apparently something was hilarious! This girl helped me survive my last year of golf and is one of my absolute favorites!

Dani-lyn & I before at one of our best friends wedding rehearsal dinners! Adore this one!

Graduation Day! 4 1/2 years, two degrees and a smile that was super happy to be DONE!

Moving day to Charlotte! I was so excited and beyond nervous. I also was on crutches due to a tow truck totaling my car two days prior.

Nashville for my 25th birthday! These are three of my bests. They have literally gotten me through more of life than I have time to tell you about. 

This is my sister Brooke. This one was a surprise love! I was an only child for 10 years then she came along. To say that I was unhappy would be an understatement, but now I couldn’t my life without her. She is my sister and my best friend (cheesy I know).

Oh Broad St. That street holds many memories, some I would share and others I will let it keep. Downtown Athens is an experience everyone deserves to get one time at least.
 YHC days with SB! My first two years of college allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people and this girl is definitely one of them.

Met this girl when I moved to Young Harris in the sixth grade. Little did I know that a few years later in the ninth grade she would become a good friend and now my best. We have been through a lot and now laugh at it all. She is a constant and I am happy to have her in my life.

Almost a year ago this photo was taken at her wedding! I met Christine when our schools played each other in golf, you read that right, we tear up those greens! She quickly became a good friend and over the years, despite the distance has become someone I couldn’t imagine not having in my life.


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