My Weekend in Jacksonville

As I mentioned I was in Jacksonville for a beautiful friend of mine’s bachelorette party.


 Our first attempt at going to the beach left us with rain, so we decided lunch was our next option. We hit up Salt Life Food Shack and boy did it not disappoint. The chicken tacos + guacamole were on point and delicious.
Our second attempt at the beach ended up with wind so gusty we have no desire to sit on the beach and get pelleted with sand so instead we found a restaurant with drinks and food, the later being of no importance to us and continued to celebrate. We also found this cute turtle that Anna just had to have her picture taken with.

After dinner on Friday, that was a hilarious disaster, we came back and had Celeste’s lingerie shower, which may or may not have involved Fireball. We then decided it was group picture time, but after an attempt or two in this direction we had to switch, lighting issues an all. 

We finally scored a good picture of all of us. So let me introduct you to the lovely group of ladies I spent my long weekend with. Me, Dusti, Anna, Cori, Christine, Celeste (the bride) and Dani Lyn (who makes us all look pale)!

What is a bachelorette party without a random and ridiculous funny picture of the group? A boring bachelorette party, that’s what it is. 

Oh Christine, the amazing baker and DD for the weekend. This little concoction was brownies topped with chocolate chip cookies. And since I happily helped myself to more than one serving I will be hitting up power hour at Flywheel Charlotte this week.

Leroy was the only guy allowed at the bachelorette party this weekend. Shawn, Dani Lyn’s husband, was out of the house for the weekend but we did leave him some brownie/cookie slices as a thank you for letting us stay at the house.
Overall the weekend was great and I am so glad I got to celebrate such a wonderful friend of mine’s upcoming big day. I have plenty of pictures but they aren’t internet approved, I think you catch my drift.

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