My Weekend + Links

This past weekend I went to Jacksonville to celebrate a wonderful friend of mine’s upcoming wedding day. The wonderful couple are the two in the photo below.

To say that I loved every minute of the trip would be an understatement. I got to spend time with some of my favorite people and just have good quality friend time. This also means I didn’t get around to taking snaps of my outfits, so instead of a fashion post I leave you with some inspiring links, a few must watch shows/movies and other random links found on the web.

Inspiration for Twenty-Somethings

…because i’m a twentysomething – a great reminder to not compare yourself to other twentysomethings and to live your life the way you want to, not the way society says you should
To Change the World, Fear Means Go – basically a great post about really living up to the statement that if it scares you, you should do it.

UGA Happiness

Mark Rich gets emotional after Georgia’s win over LSU – the interview shows why my alma mater has stuck beside this amazing coach and man…he has a true emotional investment in his players

Recently Watched

Veronica Mars – one of my all time favorite shows that was cancelled in 2007; it’s now being made into a movie thanks to fans who gave money via Kickstart to get the project funded
42 – The Jackie Robinson story, I vote a must see and one of my favorite current movies out
Beautiful Creatures – I walked in expecting one thing and ended up with something completely different…not my favorite movie but worth the Redbox rental

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