Target + Phillip Lim

I had a regular outfit post scheduled today but decided instead that I wanted to discuss the beauty that is the new Phillip Lim collection at Target. Can we just take a minute to pause and thank Target for getting another amazing designer to create a collection at a price all fashionistas can afford?
When I heard Phillip Lim was the next collaboration Target had in mind I had a mild panic attack and then swore I would be online as soon as it came online. Well that didn’t happen, I chose sleep instead but below are some of the pieces I am going to try to pick up while they are still around.
I am in love with the faux black leather and navy dress for two reasons, one it contains leather which adds a slight edge to an otherwise classic dress and two it is my current favorite color combo of navy and black. Which leads to why I love the black peplum top and those navy cropped pants, you put those two together and you get instant chic.
Did anyone of you already hit Target and score some pieces from the collection? If so let me know what you all picked up.

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