Urbanspoon to the Rescue

Anna and Celeste chatting away as I snap pictures.
This past weekend I was in Charleston, SC enjoying a much needed girls weekend with five lovely ladies. Saturday morning we woke up hungry, groggy and in no mood to be decisive, not that we ever are, but especially not that early.
So what do you do when this happens…..turn to Urbanspoon of course. After I read the reviews we decided this would be our breakfast spot. On the way there I got nervous, the place is in the middle of now where but one turn onto East Montague Ave and you have arrived in a quaint and charming little town.
Some people on the trip prefer their caffeine from a Coke, the southern term for any soda drink. I prefer my caffeine in a nice hot latte which is exactly what I had and it was divine.
 My egg sandwich was delicious along with the raisin bread french toast I sampled from my friend Christine’s plate. No one left this place hungry trust me. 
 The food was great, the owner and his cook were welcoming and so kind and above all we felt like we find a local gem no every tourist discovers.
More to come on my trip to Charleston tomorrow.

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